We offer a complete range of IT services that help our clients focus on their core business while saving money. It doesn’t matter if it is a one off job or a long-term contract, we are here, ready and able to assist.

Web Development

We can create you a spectacular looking and highly functional website. We understand that businesses have different needs and no job is too big or small for us.


We can offer very competitive plans if you require us to host your website or email on our server. These can form part of a website package or if you want to switch to us.

Software Development

We have a highly skilled and diverse team capable of building software for your business needs. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at any time.


We provide off site IT maintenance anywhere in the world. We also specialise in providing onsite IT maintenance and support to businesses located in Panglao Bohol.

Technical Support

Our office is set up similar to a call center. We are capable of providing technical support to your customer or staff regarding anything IT related. This can be carried out through ticketing, email, chat or phone.


Information Technology Experts

We have a highly skilled and diverse team of IT staff. From graduates to highest experienced professionals. We can perform all tasks at a fraction of what it might cost you otherwise.

Technical Support

Through our BPO service we can fully service your customers and or staff with anything that is technical or IT related. Our office is set up perfectly to do this online or over the phone. Outsourcing this to us is a great way to streamline your business and focus on what you do best.

Administration Support

We can provide assistance with one off tasks or we can fully integrate with your team to deliver on a full range of admin support service such as, customer service, payroll, data management and much much more.

Most businesses would be aware of the movement to send some tasks offshore. In many cases it just makes sense and in some cases to stay price competitive you have to look at ways to save money. We support the movement and aim to provide the highest level of support possible.


We are the IT experts in Panglao. We you have an IT related need we want you to think Tasier IT & Staff Solutions. Feel free to drop in or contact us. Don’t wait days for someone else to respond to you when we can assist straight away.

IT Services

We are located on Alona Beach Panglao. We are the IT expers in Panglao and can come to your business and provide a range of IT services from maintenance, training system deployment etc.

Printing, Scanning, Consumables

You can also drop into our office for and printing, scanning or office consumables.