Shared Office Space for Rent

Business Model

The best way to put this model in to perspective is to think of a large office building/call center based in Cebu or Manila.  Many of these buildings have floors where separate businesses are working side by side. Business may have as little as one work station to hundreds depending on the size of their business. The businesses generally share facilities and utilities such as meeting rooms, CR, pantry, Internet etc etc. Our model is exactly like this only on a much smaller scale and instead of the smog and traffic located in the big cities we have fresh air and an ocean view. 

Major Benefits

Business Permits – You can’t get your permits unless you have office contract where you will conduct your business. By seat leasing through you will receive a seat leasing contract and be eligible to apply for your business permits. 

Low Overheads & Start-Up Costs – Why pay for the high rent and overheads associated with renting your own building if you don’t need it?

Interaction – If you work by yourself or don’t have many staff it can get pretty lonely. By seat leasing through us you will have the opportunity to interact with other people. 

Grow as You Require – If your business grows and you need more staff then you will be able to grow and lease more seats as required. 

Location – We are in a great location on Alona Beach, so if you need to go and meet with a client or deliver a service then it’s not far to go. Plus there are also some great restaurants and bars to enjoy on your break or after work.


● High speed fiber Internet
● 1200mm x 600mm desk space
● Modern fit out
● Ergonomic chairs
● PC’s available
● Comfort room

Conditions Apply

This includes the type of business that are permitted to operate out of here. This is best suitable to for customer service or online jobs with low customer visits. 


Phone: +63 0927 565 2065