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Tarsier Information Technology & Staff Solutions Inc (Tarsier IT)

We specialise in providing high quality information technology and staffing services. The company was formed by UK national, Director and IT expert Lewis Peckover and Australian national Director and experienced personnel & project manager Noel Wilson. The company has satellite offices in the UK and Australia, however, most of the support is done from our office in the Philippines. The lower overhead costs allows us to deliver a high quality service at the best possible price to our customers.

We are able to offer a range of different services from one off projects to ongoing support and maintenance. As a Business Process Outsource (BPO) company we are also able to take on a range of services from your company that will allow your business to save money and focus on core activities.

Local Services

On a local level we have an office that is well fitted out with fully equipped workspaces available to people or businesses in need under a seating & leasing  or co-work arrangement.

We also provide onsite IT support to local businesses.

Project Managers

Our projects are generally overseen by our directors. This means that you will get to deal with them directly minimising the chance of miscommunication about expected project outcome.

Quality Assurance

Tarsier IT prides itself on delivering  high quality value for money projects. All projects undergo a series of QA testing before delivery. Further the directors take a hands on approach to  ensure that the project meets or exceed expectations.


To be the trusted IT and admin support team that fits in seamlessly with our loyal customers


We exists because some jobs have no geographical boundaies and a trusted worker can be relied upon to deliver so long as they have the tools and support to do their job.  Businesses operate best if they focus on their core activities and can do so if they outsource to Tarsier IT.  We will provide the highest level of service delivered by trusted and supported workers.


We understand that some businesses can come to a screaming halt with an IT issue. First and foremost to us is customer service. We want our customers to know that if they have an issue then we are dealing with it. We also believe strongly in delivering a quality product that has gone through a series of quality assurance tests. We also guarantee to deliver on what we promise. Internally we highly value our staff and ensure that they are fairly remunerated as we aim for the lowest possible staff turnover.

Our Skills

Tarsier IT staff have a fantastic range of skills and experiences. Most of our staff are crossed trained but often specialise in an area  such as PHP, MySQLi, JQuery, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5 , Worpress , Java etc.

Importantly we don’t just do IT related jobs. We also offer a wide range of administrative support services specialising in human resources, industrial relations and payroll. We have the skill and capacity to take on segments of positions or whole positions and even departments.

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